Takigawa Resto, Senayan City & Pacific Place

Chirashizushi  Elegant and beautiful. Always my favorite when it comes to Japanese food.
Chirashi Sushi – IDR 122K
Assorted sashimi served on top of a bowl of vinegar rice. Elegant and beautiful to the eyes, an important essence in Japanese cooking. Always my classic favorite when it comes to Japanese cuisine.


Spicy Tuna Cone (Temaki) x2 - IDR 38K
Spicy Tuna Cone (Temaki) x2 – IDR 38K
Tuna with spring onions in spicy sauce.


Hot and Sexy Roll - IDR 55K
Hot and Sexy Roll – IDR 55K
Deep-fried shishamo (smelt), crabstick, avocado, cucumber, and very hot green chili in mayonnaise rolled with tobiko sushi rice. Somehow popular among Indonesians. Maybe because of the green chili.
Inarizushi - IDR 22K
Inarizushi – IDR 22K
Sweet shitake, tobiko, mayonnaise, and deep-fried soy bean jacket filled with sushi rice.


Nigiri Sushi Nami - IDR 78K
Nigiri Sushi Nami – IDR 78K
Regular combination sushi platter.


Volcano (S) - IDR 55K
Volcano (S) – IDR 55K
Salmon, scallop, crabstick, prawn, carrot glazed with house special sauce and tobiko.
Tempura Donburi - IDR 60K
Tempura Donburi – IDR 60K
Prawn and vegetables tempura on a bed of rice.
Chicken Katsu Curry Rice - IDR 68K
Chicken Katsu Curry Rice – IDR 68K
Breaded chicken with curry rice.
Wakame Salad - IDR 26K
Wakame Salad – IDR 26K
Seaweed, lettuce, carrot, cucumber, and katsuobushi (grated tuna flakes) with mayonnaise and Japanese-style soy-dressing.
Mango Roll - IDR 24K
Mango Roll – IDR 24K
Salmon, crabstick, avocado, and cucumber with crunch-crunch.
Fusion Sushi Platter - IDR 159K
Fusion Sushi Platter – IDR 159K
15 pieces combination of Takigawa roll, california roll, hot and sexy roll, caterpillar roll, and dino lovers roll. A good way for everyone to sample this restaurant’s popular sushi rolls.
Pyramida Roll - IDR 24K
Pyramida Roll – IDR 24K
Salmon, avocado, and cucumber in mayonnaise with crunch-crunch and chicken floss on top.
Heart Roll - IDR 24K
Heart Roll – IDR 24K
Crabstick, prawn tempura, lettuce, avocado in mayonnaise with potato crunch on top.
Sake Cone (Temaki) x2 - IDR 42K
Sake Cone (Temaki) x2 – IDR 42K
Chicken Katsu - IDR 39K
Chicken Katsu – IDR 39K
Breaded chicken with rice.

takigawa-senayan-city-jakarta-14 takigawa-senayan-city-jakarta-15 takigawa-senayan-city-jakarta-19 takigawa-senayan-city-jakarta-23 takigawa-senayan-city-jakarta-25 takigawa-senayan-city-jakarta-26 takigawa-senayan-city-jakarta-27 takigawa-senayan-city-jakarta-28 takigawa-senayan-city-jakarta-30Takigawa Resto, yet another Japanese restaurant catered to Indonesians, as shown by the excessive use of mayonnaise. It’s not horrible at all, only something that must be considered with an open mind. The branch in Senayan City was recently renovated and offers much better deals in fusion sushi than the one in Pacific Place where the section on fusion sushi is blocked out. Their pricing, however, is more on the pricey side unless there are credit card promotions in which case they become much more affordable to everyone.

Yep, I will be back.

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