OTAKUDOU Okonomiyaki, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta

A few months ago I had the chance to travel to Japan. Among all of the authentic Japanese dishes, one that caught my eyes was Okonomiyaki in Osaka. It was interesting to see how they mixed everything together in front of you to create one unique delicacy that foreigners dare call “Japanese Pizza“.

Upon my return, I immediately looked for the same taste in Jakarta. I remembered trying a local Okonomiyaki restaurant, only to be disappointed since what they offered resembles more like a Chinese omelette. They are quite successful, though, thanks to focusing more on the business side. I, however, wanted something more. A few weeks ago, during a food event in Grand Indonesia, it all changed when I discovered OTAKUDOU Okonomiyaki, one of the tenants there who introduced Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki.

OTAKUDOU – Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki, IDR 35,000 per slice.

What is Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki? How does it differ from its Osakan counterpart?