Barmuda Cafe, Newtown, Sydney

I love Newtown. Every time I come to this suburb of Sydney, there are always some restaurants catching my eye. This time, located just behind the you-can’t-miss-it pink building (photos below) is this classic-looking Barmuda Café. Conveniently it is just a stone-throw away from the infamous Black Star Pastry (review coming soon!).

Potato Stack

Potato Stack ($16). Crispy potato cake with scrambled eggs, grilled eggplant, rocket & tomato relish. Oh, and it’s gluten-free, too. A must-try.

Umaku Sushi Omakase, Duren Tiga

Talking about Japanese cuisine, a lot will relate to sushi, and often for the “best sushi in town”, most Indonesians would mention “Sushi Tei” one way or the other. Well, that could be true, if you define “best” as the first successful restaurant catering sushi to Indonesian taste. In my search for a more authentic sushi experience in Jakarta, my sister invited me for a sushi omakase at this Japanese establishment in Duren Tiga by the name of Umaku Sushi.

Salmon Seaweed Salad An innocent beginning to a marvelous experience!
Sake-Wakame Salad (Salmon & Seaweed)
An innocent beginning to a truly marvelous experience!
AW Kitchen by Akira Watanabe, Plaza Senayan

AW Kitchen by Akira Watanabe, Plaza Senayan

Spaghettini Peperoncino Con L’Aragosta – IDR 320K
With lobster meat, cherry tomato, and fresh arugula peperoncino-style. Overall very smooth and cooked to perfection. The lobster meat just melts in your mouth. I especially love the absence of any sauce that usually overpowers the taste of the lobster meat. Definitely a masterpiece.This is part of La Festa Aragosta, their current specials. The two others are described below.