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SushiGroove A Japanese masterpiece by Ismaya Group, they have become my personal favorite for a while. Shortly, modern Japanese food done right.
A Japanese masterpiece by Ismaya Group, they have become my personal favorite since the beginning. I consider them modern Japanese cuisine done creatively and beautifully. Young & fresh. This wall mural is so mesmerizing, I can’t seem to take my eyes off it.

Chicken Curry Udon - IDR 69K
Chicken Curry Udon – IDR 69K
Tuna Tataki Salad - IDR 49K
Tuna Tataki Salad – IDR 49K
This salad packs a punch. Let’s start from the way it looks: so colorful and appetizing. Then you continue to taste all different parts of it beginning from the seared tuna, cucumber, edamame, lettuce, and crispy wonton strips. The wafu dressing i.e. Japanese-style soy-sauce-based sauce further gives a refreshing sensation, completing the awesomeness of this salad.
Scallop Horenso Yakimeshi - IDR 55K
Scallop Horenso Yakimeshi – IDR 55K
Scallop fried rice with spinach sauce. One word for this: umai! So delicious it ain’t like any yakimeshi (fried rice) I’ve had elsewhere. The chef deserves a standing applause for creating such a marvelous dish. You get to taste colorful and distinct flavors from all the supporting elements in this dish. A masterpiece.
Three Amigos Sushi Roll - IDR 55K
Three Amigos Sushi Roll – IDR 55K
Salmon, tuna, and crab roll with chuka wakame and yuzu dressing. Nice touch with the yuzu dressing which make this no-rice sushi roll extremely refreshing and pleasing to both our taste buds and eyes.
Golden Gate Roll - IDR 59K
Golden Gate Roll – IDR 59K
Fresh salmon & avocado roll topped with fresh tuna. The tuna and black roe toppings are a nice addition to the otherwise popular-but-fairly-boring salmon-avocado combination.
Sunshine Roll (1/2) - IDR 42K
Sunshine Roll (1/2) – IDR 42K
Spicy tuna & crab roll topped with Norwegian salmon to brighten up your day. This is one of their ordinary sushi rolls which is good but not exceptional like some others. However, it’s a reasonable option for a first-timer. If you are a fan of Sushi Tei then this will suit you very much.
Flying Fish Roll - IDR 59K
LEFT: Flying Fish Roll – IDR 59K
Crunchy unagi roll topped with fresh tuna and inari (tofu skin) in a sweet and spicy sauce. Smart in using spicy sauce to spice up the tuna.RIGHT: Golden Gate Roll

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My personal favorite. Excellent food accompanied by good service. They are mainly present in main shopping malls in Jakarta. Since the beginning I’ve always liked the way they present modern Japanese cuisine. Sure, traditional Japanese is elegant like no other and satisfying, but opening up your mind to Japanese fusion food is rewarding, too. They successfully created non-boring Japanese food while not forgetting about the essence of Japanese cuisine: that whatever you’re cooking must please not only the tongue but also the eyes. I personally love this place very much and highly recommend it to anyone who wants something further in Japanese cuisine.

I’ve been back enough. That’s a lie. I’ll be back.

Kota Kasablanka Mall Food Society G Floor Unit FG08
Jl. Casablanca Raya Kav. 88
Jakarta Selatan 12870

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