Kiyadon Sushi, Senayan City, Jakarta

Spicy Salmon Soba - IDR 68K
Spicy Salmon Soba – IDR 68K
Japanese buckwheat noodles with spicy salmon and fried garlic toppings. Enjoy by dipping into the shoyu-based soba sauce. Very flavorful.

Torched Spicy Salmon Nigiri - IDR 38K for 2 (from the sushi train)
Torched Spicy Salmon Nigiri – IDR 38K for 2 (from the sushi train)

First Impression:
Modern Japanese restaurant on the mid-high end.

Atmosphere: @@@@
Perfect for business meetings. The choice of colors is quite bold and inviting. In the middle is kaiten-zushi or sushi train where you can pick any sushi that the chefs are making fresh, and pay based on the color of the plate. It can add up pretty quickly so I suggest looking at the price list first. The price list is nowhere to be seen near the train itself, but one glance at the back of the menu will tell you everything.

Food: @@@@@
Quite a lot to choose from, from traditional sushi, donburi (rice bowls with beef, chicken, or others on top) to fusion food like the Spicy Salmon Soba (as seen above). Traditional soba is also available.

Value: @@@@
< IDR 150K per person.

Service: @@@@
When I walked in, there was no waitress to greet me at the door, although no other customers were to be seen. However, as I was seated and more customers started coming in, the service improved to my surprise. Getting refills for my ocha (green tea, IDR 25K) was no-hassle. The waitresses stood by near my table. They knew a lot about the menu, too, and honestly said to me that the section marked “New menu” was not new anymore at this time.

Yep, I will be back.

Kiyadon Sushi
Senayan City LG Floor
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 19
Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia
TEL  +62 21 72781778
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