A Major Update Coming Soon!

Dear All,

These days I’ve been walking around and exploring Sydney quite a bit. By the time I come home I’m usually very exhausted already. I took a lot of photos that I wanna share with you, and plan to do so in the next few days.

Here are some clues to my upcoming posts:
– Garden of Eden without the snake.
– Taking away our chopstick stands is stealing.
– Welcome to the darkness, we’ve got cakes.
– As American as pumpkin pie.
– Feeling stressed? Wanna eat ’em all?
– Only $3?? Are you sure?
– Meet our Sushi Master!
– Let’s throw the dice and eat some pho.
– Come on let’s have a Korean Barbie, the more, the merrier!
– Something is melting…
and many more.

Stay tuned,

Little Caesars Pizza Australia, Casula, Sydney

Deep! Deep! Dish Ultimate Supreme Pizza - $14.95
Deep! Deep! Dish Ultimate Supreme Pizza – $14.95

Happy Halloween, everyone! Christmas is coming up soon, and Santa Claus will be coming to town again. For me, Christmas came early this year: American pizzas are making their way to Australia! In fact, they’ve been here already ever since Costco opened their business here in Sydney. And just last week, Little Caesars Pizza followed suit by opening their first branch Down Under in Casula.