AW Kitchen by Akira Watanabe, Plaza Senayan

AW Kitchen by Akira Watanabe, Plaza Senayan
Spaghettini Peperoncino Con L’Aragosta – IDR 320K
With lobster meat, cherry tomato, and fresh arugula peperoncino-style. Overall very smooth and cooked to perfection. The lobster meat just melts in your mouth. I especially love the absence of any sauce that usually overpowers the taste of the lobster meat. Definitely a masterpiece.This is part of La Festa Aragosta, their current specials. The two others are described below.

Complimentary Bread & Butter.
Complimentary Bread & Butter.
Pizza with Salmon, Broccoli, and Corn – IDR 108K
Pizza Cacciatora – IDR 79K
Pizza with Lotus, Genoves, and Shrimp – IDR 98K
This is an interesting marriage between Italian and Japanese cuisine. The touch of lotus root surprisingly gives this pizza an added taste like no other, complimenting the pesto wonderfully. A must-try.
Mushroom Pizza
A very simple mushroom pizza. When it’s by itself, it may be a star, but when compared with the rest of the pizzas, not by a long shot. The cheese overwhelms the soft taste of mushrooms and to my palate this is an overbearing saltiness.
Spaghettini with Lobster Meat and Creamy Sauce
The sauce is too creamy, taking out the real flavor of the lobster meat. Still wonderful, though, albeit the plain grilled lobster below is much better.
Aragosta Alla Grilia – IDR 350K
Simply the best.
Aragosta Al Gratin – IDR 370K
Lobster cooked gratin-style with miso-bechamel sauce and grilled vegetables. The sauce is too creamy, taking out the real flavor of the lobster meat.
Fruit Festival
Cucumber Peach – IDR 100K
All drinks pictured here belong to their Signature Cocktails. Girls seem to enjoy the smoothness and the lack of alcohol taste. Very refreshing as well.
Yukitobi – IDR 100K
One of the most fun cocktails to drink. The syrup is hidden inside the ice ball. You can poke it out little-by-little or all at once to your liking. A must-try.
Elderberry – IDR 110K
As cool as the name sounds, this is my personal favorite. No unnecessary flavors, just strong alcohol with the right sweetness. It’s a mix of Vodka, Grande Mix, Cranberry Juice, Campari, Elder, Flower, Basil, and Cinnamon Powder. A must-try.
Meet & Greet – IDR 110K
Take a sip, take a bite, then take a sip again. Voila, it tastes different this time! A must-try.

aw-kitchen-by-akira-watanabe-plaza-senayan-15 aw-kitchen-by-akira-watanabe-plaza-senayan-16 aw-kitchen-by-akira-watanabe-plaza-senayan-17Great food, great service which comes with a price. Worth it.

*This was a food-tasting invitation.

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