A Major Update Coming Soon!

Dear All,

These days I’ve been walking around and exploring Sydney quite a bit. By the time I come home I’m usually very exhausted already. I took a lot of photos that I wanna share with you, and plan to do so in the next few days.

Here are some clues to my upcoming posts:
– Garden of Eden without the snake.
– Taking away our chopstick stands is stealing.
– Welcome to the darkness, we’ve got cakes.
– As American as pumpkin pie.
– Feeling stressed? Wanna eat ’em all?
– Only $3?? Are you sure?
– Meet our Sushi Master!
– Let’s throw the dice and eat some pho.
– Come on let’s have a Korean Barbie, the more, the merrier!
– Something is melting…
and many more.

Stay tuned,

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