1. How is this blog different than the 10,000+ other blogs out there?
Here you will find a clear, concise, and fast information on restaurants, from which you could make a decision to go or not in a split second. Just food, no bullshit.

2. I’m interested in purchasing images / a photo-shoot / getting endorsements.
Sure! Please look here.

3. What are the currency rates like?
Although the rates vary day-to-day, roughly,
US$1 = IDR 13,000, i.e. IDR 130,000 = US$10
US$1 = AU$1.3

1 = IDR 15K

AU$1 = IDR 10,000, i.e. IDR 100,000 = AU$10

This may sound strange at first but due to the currency rate, you can easily become a millionaire in Indonesia. IDR 1,000,000 is less than US$77 or 67 or AU$100!!

4. Which camera(s) do you use?
Instagram: iPhone 6 Plus, mainly.
Blog: both iPhone and Canon 6D. Unless I bring my Canon then the iPhone is the only one used.

5. Wow, if you pay for all the food, then you must be extremely rich!
Not necessarily, some people prefer owning the latest sports car, Hermes bag, or Swiss watch or whatever, while I make a priority exploring and discovering restaurants.

6. What do you do when not blogging?
Eat gyoza and pizza. Watch a crazy amount of Hollywood movies. Travel whenever possible.

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