El Asador South American, Kemang, Jakarta

Eggs Benedict El Asador - IDR 66K  A must-try.
Eggs Benedict El Asador (Smoked Salmon) – IDR 66K
Toaster English muffin and poached eggs, served with homemade Hollandaise sauce and sauteed mushrooms. A must-try.

Milanesa de Pollo - IDR 94K
Milanesa de Pollo – IDR 94K
Juicy marinated chicken breast cooked schnitzel-style: coated with breadcrumbs served with ham (beef or turkey) and topped with mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, and green peas. I wish the breadcrumb coating were slightly thicker.
Chivito Plato - IDR 121K
Chivito Plato – IDR 121K
Churrasco tenderloin steak covered with mozzarella cheese, ham (beef or turkey), bacon, fried egg, olives, and homemade mayonnaise. Served with Russian Salad and seasoned French Fries.


1KG Steak Challenge!!
1KG Steak Challenge!!

el-asador-kemang-06 el-asador-kemang-07Honestly, I expected more South American spices involved. All the foods I tried tasted wonderful but they seem to be too bland, not on par with the South American standard. The restaurant itself is very inviting and I can easily stay for hours over there.

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